A Creative Financing Homeownership Program

There are many advantages to buying a home versus renting one. View these advantages in the Buy vs Rent section below.

How much money does it take?

Your income, savings, and monthly expenses play an important role in determining how large a mortgage you can afford. To figure out the amount you can afford, please click Affordability.

  Saving with Buying

In many cases, the amount of money a renter spends on rent can be about the same as or more than the amount a homeowner spends on a mortgage. With the tax benefit for homeowners,
the savings can be significant.

       Buying versus Renting

The example below shows a cost comparison for a renter and a homeowner over a seven year period.
The renter starts out paying $800 - $1200 per month with annual increases of 5%.
The homeowner purchases a home for $110,000 and pays a monthly mortgage of $1,000 - $1500.

After 6 years, the renter has usually relocated twice and does not own any property. The rent that was paid belongs to the landlord and cannot be borrowed from.

After 6 years, the homeowner's payment is lower than the renter's monthly payment, equity is built up which can be used for other financial interest, and once the mortgage is paid off, the property is yours.

With the tax savings of homeownership, the homeowner's payment is less than
the rental payment after just 3 years!

Comparison Chart 

Should you Buy?
Should you Rent?


  • Property builds equity

  • Can build Financial Security

  • Sense of community, stability, and security

  • Free to change decor and landscaping

  • Not dependent on landlord to maintain property


  • Little or no responsibility for maintenance

  • No tax benefits

  • Cannot build Financial Security

  • No equity is built up

  • No control over rent increases

  • Possibility of eviction

Millions of honest, hard working Americans lack the near perfect credit that banks and mortgage
companies require in order to purchase a home!

Late payments, repossessions, divorce, medical bills, unstable work history, lack of a huge cash down payment,
too much debt, judgments and bankruptcy can all spell rejection when you try to obtain financing to buy a home .

Our primary aim is to make the process of owning a home SIMPLE. By eliminating the need for banks and lending institutions, we have made it possible for ANYONE to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner.
  Foundations is a property investment company that makes homes available with a Lease to Own contract and utilizes
Creative Financing Techniques to finance the purchase.

  • We recognized the growing need that nearly 60% of families face which is  the ability to buy a nice home in a
nice neighborhood without the stringent immediate requirements of most lenders.

  • We give you time and assistance to improve your credit rating before having to obtain financing.

  • We provide a quick and easy qualifying process. You can be in one of our homes within 7 days,
even with  bad credit.

  • If your credit is fair, we may be able to assist you with obtaining a  100% financing today.

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