The Coupon Exchange Club

The Coupon Exchange Club
A Billion Dollar Industry

Winning The Game

The value of the COUPON should never be overlooked or underestimated. Manufacturers and retailers both are in a constant competition for your consumer dollars. Couponing is a billion dollar industry that most people fail to take full advantage of  for one reason only: lack of knowing how to make the system work for your advantage! There is a PROVEN systematic way to obtain large quantities of quality products for a minimal investment,
if you know and understand the system.

Most people are familiar with what coupons are, however, most people are unfamiliar with how the system of saving using coupons can help you to SAVE HUNDREDS of DOLLARS each year.

The Coupon Exchange Club was designed for that SAVVY SHOPPER that seeks and searches for a bargain, one that refuses to pay full price for anything, the kind of person that understands that in this FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY, merchants can vary the price of their products depending on their need to stay competitive and the consumers demand for the product.

Money saving opportunities occur primarily by using cents off manufactures coupons, as this is the method that the manufacturers use in anticipation of you developing a buying pattern that will lead you to  "BRAND LOYALTY". The SAVVY SHOPPER knows that the coupon is well worth it's weight in gold.

There is one draw back for "BRAND LOYALTY" however and that is there may not always be available the money saving coupon for that particular brand of product. This results in you loosing out on a savings.

That is why the Coupon Exchange Club exists! We help match you up with  the coupons of  your choice. Never again will you have to rely on the Sunday paper glossy coupon inserts. You now have total control in realizing the greatest potential in saving at the check out.

As a member of The Coupon Exchange Club, you will receive:

  • The Shopper's Advantage Booklet- explains how the 'System' works!
  • The manufacturer's coupons of your choice good at thousands of retail grocers, including Wal-Mart
  • A monthly newsletter which addresses other areas of savings & wealth accumulation
  • A Coupon Organizer

It is obvious that we all must shop at some time or another. We must eat on a daily basis and our surroundings require cleaning from time to  time. As a result, we need products of all kinds, shapes and colors.

In fact, according to the Progressive Grocer's Annual  Report, over 556 billion dollars was spent in grocery stores.
The average weekly sale per supermarket in 2009 was $485,346.

The manufacturers and retailers of these products are keenly aware of the profits that they could realize, and therefore seek after our hard earned dollar in exchange for our needs being satisfied.

With the already soaring cost of consumer debt, it seems as though our daily cost of living is costing us a fortune.

There is still hope however!

Customer Benefits

Save 50-75% off of your monthly grocery bill.  Choose the manufacturers coupons that you want to use.





Join the Club Today and Save 50-75% of Your
Hard Earned Money!
In addition to the manufacturers coupons of your choice, as a member you will also receive:

  • The Shopper's Advantage Booklet
  • A monthly newsletter featuring rebates, refunds & recipes
  • A Coupon Organizer

Becoming a member of The Coupon Exchange Club entitles you to a wide variety of ways to save money for you and your family.
Let us show you how you can literally
save hundreds of dollars!

"The average weekly grocery bill is $150*. Let us show you how you can save
50-75% off!" $150 discounted at 60% off = $90 saved!
*Average shopping expenditure for a family of four.