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College Savings

Saving for college, investing in the stock market, online trading, mutual funds – for many, these topics are overwhelming. No worries. We’ll give you accurate, easy-to-understand information in the Financial Planning section.

Savings And Investment Information for Teens: Tips For a Successful Financial Life; Including Facts About Making Money Grow, With Information About the Economy, Bank Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
Teri B. Clark and Matthew Stewart Tabacchi - Private Mortgage Investing: How To Earn 12% Or More On Your Savings, Investments, IRA Accounts And Personal Equity

Edie Milligan Driskill - The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Health Savings Accounts. This book simplifies HSAs and their corresponding HDHPs for business owners and managers alike.

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Prestige Professional Management
Personal finances is the number one topic in today's headlines and rightly so. With the fall of the stock market as well as the real estate industry, our finances are in jeopardy. Everyday the headlines are filled with  report after report of the number of jobs lost, the high unemployment rate, corruption, scandal, the increasing cost of gas, food and other needed resources. Prestige Professional Management has compiled a few resources to educate you on what to do in this financial crisis that we all are experiencing.
Suze Orman-When it comes to money, the obstacles that keep us from having more and being more are rooted in the emotional, psychological, and spiritual conditions that have shaped our thoughts